Empowering people to be involved in their care

Staff ensure the best interests of the person undergoing treatment are respected.
We encourage people to empower and involve themselves,
as much or as little as they wish, during their treatment.


Delivering personalised care in a pleasant and caring environment

Patients (and family) are treated as individuals.
Our dedicated professional team pride themselves on providing
personalised care in a pleasant and caring environment.

Westside Haematology and Oncology
Supporting you through
Your Journey

Providing support with respect and compassion

We put the patient and their well-being at the centre of all that we do,
treating with respect, compassion and dignity.
We aim to provide the highest professional integrity through team-based care.

Westside Haematology and Oncology

Providing a relaxing and positive environment

Our dedicated team pride themselves on providing a
relaxing and comfortable environment for patients and their support team.

Westside Haematology and Oncology